We all know August can be a tough month.

Last of the family vacation, & time to start buying new school clothes & supplies.

School begins August 20th and then it’s the extra supplies or the supplemental fashion that your child insists is a “must have”.

Let’s not forget the OPEN HOUSES at the schools where you can socialize with other parents and get to know the teachers & administrators.

Before you know it you are in the middle to the end of September and you have been putting off meeting with a Realtor in order to get your home sold during this calendar year!

If it’s taking an average of 67 days to go to contract on a home well priced and 45-55 days to close… you are needing to make a decision NOW… this way your agent & broker can be ready to hit the ground running within the next few weeks with their marketing. They can be pre-selling your home while you are running around and preparing your home for showings!

So take the time to schedule 30 minutes to an hour to meet with each agent you are considering & this way you can feel confident & at ease that your home will be sold within the timeframe you need.

Lydia Thomas
Platinum Properties of Miami & The Beaches