It’s that time of year for Spring vacations, Easter & Passover travels to be with family, but what about Puppy & Kitty?

Well, in today’s living there are many options to consider.

√ Airlines are having to rethink their guidelines for pet travel. I would be hesitant to travel with my pets via air at present.

√ Most hotels only allow Service Animals & require a certificate of proof.

√ Most hotels charge a fee by the week or a non refundable pet fee.

√ You must present proof from your vet that they are up to date with all vaccines.

√ There is nothing worse then not arriving prepared and having to hoard your animals in a strange location.

√ An alternative to alleviate stress for you and your furry family is to hire a pet sitter.

√ There are pet walkers who do exactly that, come in and walk your pet.

√ Pet sitters who come in twice a day to feed and spend a moment with your pets or those who stay overnight & keep your pets from feeling abandoned.

The latter is well worth the investment to care for your pet and home while you travel.

It will give you peace of mind as well as let your pets know you care about them!

I’ve had my pet sitter for 10 years and she is considered part of our family because she knows “ the routine” for even our fish and turtles!!

Lydia Thomas
Platinum Properties of Miami & The Beaches