February is the perfect month to begin the process of preparing to sell your current residence.

Whether you are upsizing, downsizing or relocating know that homes sell at their highest prices between March & June as families coordinate the end of the school year and moving into a new neighborhood.

In Miami our market time varies between 32-79 days, with another 45 days to close if a lender is involved. That means it can take a minimum of two and one half months from listing to closing.

So let’s get started:

1) Spring Cleaning: clean out closets, store unused items, donate or have a big yard sale!

2) Repairs: loose door knobs, missing baseboards, chipped paint (look through the eyes of a buyer coming through your home).

3) Freshening Up: make your home look well cared for by not allowing it to appear “dated”. You can do this by minimizing appliances on the kitchen counter as well as other decorations in the home. Think , “ Less is more”.

4) Pops of Color!: now walk through your residence as if it were the first time. Look for the best lighting in each room whether it means turning on a lamp or opening the blinds. Then go back and look for what makes that room “pop” or what makes you love that room? Can you add something like colorful pillows, a piece of colorful art or a throw ? Once you have achieved the look and feel it is time to get your property on the open market!