We all love our furry family members! When selling your home you must have a plan of action with your Realtor depending upon your pets size, breed, number of pets as well as their habits.

An individual plan will make showings less stressful for you, the buyers as well as your pets. The best situation if you have a dog is to simply say “it’s time to take my dogs for a walk” & allow the Realtor to show your home.

If you are not at home the pet can either be crated or in a designated area allowing buyers to comfortably view your home while allowing your pets to feel safe.

In preparation for showing your home you will wants to think “clean, pet hair & odor free”. Vacuum both furniture & floors frequently. Wash pet bedding weekly. Remove all old or tattered pet toys from view by tucking them away in a basket.

Remember if the buyer smells kitty litter at the front door, chances are they will focus on the odor and not your home. As always, step back & see your home thru the eyes of the buyer.